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Supported by the grounding beats of Techno Music,

As a damn good Cardio Training,

The goal of F/C/K/ is to bring every- and any- One into their own

State of Dancing.


Fit/ und Club/ Konzentrat/ is a daily training, a steady practise meant to improve physical abilities

health- and sport-wise.

A way to train with joy and excitement, which brings us to the state of Techno dancing, a full-body cardio workout, an ecstatic manner to burn calories, release stress and improve cardiovascular functioning.

Installing regular weekly meetings online and on-site,

Fit/ und Club/ Konzentrat/ finds its meaning in any fitness routine:

its spirit, benefits and outcomes are an invitation to inspire you into building up your own fitness way of life,

living your own dancing,

getting us all tuned together,

as we bathe in the same flowing Techno stream.


Being dancing is a state, there is no way to teach it, it is by no means about learning.

Whatever dance you end up doing and whatever look it gives you, dancing is a state

which has nothing to do with shaping, nothing to do with showing,

you can use it to serve a speech, but it isn't, as such, a piece.

Whatever movement you do, the only thing which matters is:

how you let you, the body made of constant movement and meant to be moving which you are,


you live it.

Share it with yourself.

The state of dancing is not a knowledge,

it is not a skill,


it's a pure experience.

Supported and moved by the beautifully powerful and rich Techno music,

which frees and grounds us bodies,

the core of Fit/ und Club/ Konzentrat/ is one only thing:

the State of Dancing which is for all of us, right there to be reached.


Fit/ und Club/ Konzentrat/ comes from an insider journey, one night in the Berlin Kitkat Club.

Berlin techno Clubs aren't free of contradictions, like any human cultural creation.

Yet, they are some of these too rare places in the world where you can observe, experience and understand

so much,

about what is freedom, what is transgression, what is limit,

what is both self-respect and consideration for the other,

places where you can un-frame and un-mould the mind from its established beliefs, prejudices, certainty.
These are spaces where you can encounter and challenge your Self,

emancipating from the Norm which has been shaping It.
Spaces where to grow from a delusional self-satisfactory suits of narrow points of view

- the points of the sole you -,

into the infinite realm of Perspective.

Berlin techno Clubs are places where you learn some big thing about Liberty.

They are bubbles in which you feel safe and supported enough to let that highly specific

grounding, beating, stomping music

free the movement hold inside you,

until raises an introspective experience of being a moving body

freed from the matter of the gaze of the other,

including the one of one's own Self.

There and then, the state of a liberated dancing is gained.

And here it gets clear.

Before dance is a speech, before it gets inhabited by intentions,

before dances become established aesthetics,

dancing is not a social event,

it is a state within which you finally come to the wholeness of your own personal, and singular,

embodied synchronicity in motion.

Berlin techno Clubs are like a relief valve where humans can evacuate the pressure

which society exerts on them,

they are smoky and funky temples in which humanity can preserve some of its sanity from its normative folly.
In these places, on that music, existential shackles are unlocked,

and the mind encounters and joins the body again.

In a KitKat journey one night was realized,

the place allows, the music supports, and people together tune into their own movement.

Bathing in that music,

Minds tune into bodies,

and bodies embrace moving, the very reason for their being...

This explosive, enduring healthy dancing, it has to come out, it has to breach the walls:

forever rooted in, allowed and triggered by the Club,

the state of Techno dancing must break free!

So it spreads and is shared beyond gaps and borders.

What if we extract that moving on this music being played, so that between two clubbing adventures,

we get more of that dancing, we just get much more of it.

Then we stay fit, we keep chasing away the s**t, and when we finally pay again to the Club a visit,

we've train our Techno Cardio:

we don't need to run after the Speed, we can just last on the Tempo.

Fit/ und Club/ Konzentrat/.

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Vladimir Dziomba


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F/C/K/ First DJ Associate





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