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One DJ Live Playing + One Trainer Inviting + One individual Headset Immersing




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FCK logo words Bw.png
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F/ C/ K/

Your New favourite Fitness Routine

The concept of each session is simple:

One DJ live playing + One Trainer inviting + One individual Headset immersing,
All together, while we are dancing,
We benefit from a healthy, efficient and exciting, intensive Cardio-Training.


The training is your dancing, the dancing is your moving, the moving is your being, and it all starts with stepping.

Forget the Eye watching
Enjoy your "I" moving

The Techno Dancing is an individual, singular experience, happening within a collective gathering, through the Art of a DJ playing;
What is experienced in the context of the Party, FIT/ und CLUB/ KONZENTRAT/ brings it into the Fitness-World, turning it into a powerful and relieving Cardio-Training,
Because at F/ C/ K/, we know that the Techno-Music itself is powerful enough to trigger our physiological mechanisms of motion and brings us into that awesome State of Techno-Dancing.

Be it on the specific BPM of Hard-Techno, Melodic-Techno, Hard-Groove and more, in each F/ C/ K/ session here we are, all together enjoying our free dancing, following our steady stepping pulsed by the beats of the DJ playing.

As it liberates and expands the Techno-Kultur beyond the sole Party-Scene,
Join our weekly sessions driven by our team of talented DJs and skilled Trainers, and follow the


FIT/ und CLUB/ KONZENTRAT/ movement,

letting it turn your beloved Techno-Dancing,
into your new experience of Fitness Cardio-Training.

Berliner Technokultur #UNESCOKULTURERBE
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